Heber AZ

Heber Arizona is a well-established and long-standing producer of wine. Its products include sherry, pinot noir, sherry, and merlot amongst many other things to do. The company operates through its Vineyards of Arizona division as well as the Arizona Wine and Spirits Commission. The company is owned by former Colorado Congressman and Arizona Republic publisher, Ron Fricke. Fricke was awarded with the Distinguished Wine Producer of America Award for a lifetime achievement of the wine industry by the Wine Spectator. On September 27, 2007, the company awarded the title of America’s Best Winemaker to the company’s president, Paul Meacham. His “Managing Chairman” position was held until late October of the year when his replacement was appointed on October 18, 2006. For the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the company is preparing an announcement for its new business strategy and management structure, which includes a new leadership team. For media inquiries, please contact Dan Miller at dmiller@heberaz.com. For information on ordering wines, please contact Bill Schiller at bl.schiller@heberaz.com. To contact the press, please visit our press office website at http://press.heberaz.com and contact the Arizona Republic Press Office at 978-335-3156 or 480-639-2740. You can also find information at the Press Information Office, located at the southwest corner of campus at the Arizona State University campus just north of Hall 7. About the Arizona Republic The Arizona Republic was founded in 1996 by former State Senator and Congressman Tom Beaudoin, who is also the founder of the Republic Media Network. Since its inception, the Republic has become an indispensable partner to Arizona residents and businesses that need news-specific information. A newspaper with a national reach and quality, the Republic has consistently been among the finest in the nation, providing unique news and information coverage at no extra cost to readers. In addition to its national news coverage, the Republic is well known for producing news for a broad range of audiences, including business owners and individuals and newsmakers. The Republic is a proud sponsor of numerous high- performance and competitive sports, entertainment and sport event packages. To find out more about the Republic, please visit us at http://RepublicMediaNetwork.com.